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About Sunsage

Sunsage Company offers professional service for customers all around world, including the domestic and international medical device company. Maintaining a long terms and good relationship with the all kinds of hospitals, the company commits itself to the Chinese medical device registration and the clinical trial. It is competent to obtain the first hand clinical information which could guarantee our customer to receive the most reliable information in time.

Concentrating on the personal selection and training, the company introduces the professional talents in the field of the clinical medicine, bio-medicine, pharmacology, bio-statistics and IT etc. to create a service platform for the registration and clinical trials. All the employees have received medical device registration training on management policy and the GCP, so that they can achieve all the steps of clinical trial according to international and domestic standard. With the good external communication, the company is efficient in resolving the problem as customers’ needs.

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Sunsage has worked in the medical device field for more than 30 years, and has established a good relationship with major hospitals, government departments and medicine companies. We attach importance to personnel selection and training, the company collects clinical medicine, biomedical science, biostatistics, computer science and other aspects of professional talents. Employees have received new medical device registration management measures and the new version of GCP professional training, according to international standards and relevant Chinese standards to complete clinical trials at all stages of work.